Today (10th April 2019) we decorated our village bus shelter to welcome Spring and celebrate Easter!


Photos courtesy of Jane Gilliard

There are some stunning views along the route of the 65 bus service.  Here are some of them: –


Snowy scenes from the bus – February 2019

Photos courtesy of Dianne Dix



A temperature inversion in the valley below Lydart.  Known locally as “dragon’s breath”, this occurs on cold autumn mornings when the temperature in the valley is lower than the temperature on the higher ground.

Photos courtesy of Rosemary Corcoran and Dianne Dix


Views from Cobbler’s Plain near Devauden looking across the valley towards Usk

Photos courtesy of Dianne Dix


The village of Trellech – the Lion Inn and St Nicholas Church.  Trellech is also well-known for its standing stones, Virtuous Well and an on-going archaeological project which is uncovering a large medieval village

Photos courtesy of Dianne Dix

thumbnail_IMG_2423Stunning sunset from Lydart

Photo courtesy of Rosemary Corcoran


Another beautiful sunset, this time taken from the late afternoon bus between Llanishen and Devauden

Photo courtesy of Brian Mahony


The Monnow Bridge in Monmouth.  The only remaining fortified river bridge in Great Britain, it’s an iconic landmark in the town and just one minute walk from Monmouth Bus Station

Photo courtesy of Brian Mahony